Social Affective and Cultural Neuroscience Lab

Department of Psychology, Northwestern University


Lab News

  1. +Welcome to new NU lab members:  Michael Ferguson, Diana Chang, Vivian Wang, Brian Lai, Claire Morley, Tracey Haneman, Stephanie Santiago, Danielle Tilford, Jessica Powers, Emily Karpinski

  2. +Alissa Mrazek is awarded a 2013 NSF EAPSI Fellowship to conduct cultural neuroscience research at NTU in Singapore with Ying-yi Hong, Bobby Cheon and Joan Chiao

  3. +Non Pornpattananangkul is awarded a 2013 ICNC Student Travel Award to attend SANS and CNS meetings

  4. +Stephanie Santiago is awarded a 2013 NU SROP Summer Internship; Jessica Powers and Emily Karpinski are awarded 2013 NU IPR Summer Research Internships

  5. +Joan Chiao, Todd Parrish, Jack van Honk and Dan Stein (University of Cape Town), June Gruber (Yale University), Ahmad Hariri (Duke University), Tetsuya Iidaka (Nagoya University), Norihiro Sadato and Tokiko Harada (National Institute for Physiological Sciences) receive a Fogarty NIH grant to study cross-cultural neuroimaging of emotion in South Africa, Japan and the United States.

  6. +The International Cultural Neuroscience Consortium will hold its first conference May 10-12, 2013 at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

  7. +Michio Nomura (Kyoto University) will visit the lab as a Visiting Scholar in summer 2013

  8. +Ying-yi Hong, Joan Chiao, Bobby Cheon and collaborators receive a MOE Academic Research Fund grant to study neural bases of cultural competence.

  9. +Joan Chiao receives the 2013 SAGE Young Scholars award from the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology and Alissa Mrazek receives the 2013 International Cultural Neuroscience Consortium Student Travel Award.

  10. +Congratulations to Vernon Smith for his IPR summer internship, Anna Cibils for her SROP summer internship and Claire Morley and Vivian Wang for their URAP summer internship grants!

  11. +Congratulations to NU lab members for their accomplishments: Bobby Cheon (NTU), Vani Mathur (JHU), Mark Schurgin (JHU), Cindy Teng (Pittsburgh), Lauren Kahn (Oregon)

  12. +Vani Mathur receives an 2012 American Pain Society Young Investigator Award, 2012 American Pain Society Young Investigator Travel Award, a 2012 TGS Research grant, and receives her PhD.  She will join Prof. Campbell at JHU in Summer/Fall 2012!

  13. +Bobby Cheon, Alissa Mrazek, Lisa Hechtman, Narun Pornpattananangkul receive 2012 ICNC Student Travel Awards!

  14. +Bobby Cheon is named a NU Philip Brickman Fellow and receives a 2011 APA Dissertation Research Award, 2012 Salimetrics Distinguished Student Scholar Award and 2011 SPSSI Grant-in-Aid and receives his PhD!  He will join Prof. Hong at NTU in Summer/Fall 2012!

  15. +Joan Chiao and Shinobu Kitayama receive a NIH grant to develop an International Cultural Neuroscience Consortium (ICNC)

  16. +Joan Chiao, Jennifer Richeson, Vania Apkarian and Judy Paice receive a NIH grant to study racial disparities in pain experience.

  17. +Joan Chiao is named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science and receives a NIMH Early Career International Travel Award